Sunday, June 9, 2013


with co-opted trees
of light and candy canes
adrift in my sea
finding no tribe
I list endlessly on Your horizon
in the best costumes
can buy,

the stage like a world overgrown, nothing
but faulty logic and subtle devices
earning Your right to
push me hold
me, even longer
love’s red rocks smoldering
stone heavy configurations in my belly
through my breath. Your
ear-splitting turning away

I am but a good costume
layered deep with years of feathers
and tar, my desire
an ostentatious mother
bedecked and bejeweled she wheels her chariot
all metal and broken
glistening with urine
and spreading her vile, rolling
rust. I am alone
on this planet stepping over
human feces
at my feet. But where
do I step
over me?

This is my creation
times one side of a front page
I write on what’s at hand in my floppy hat
and my imperfection, I write here
a love letter
to a white flag
woven of stronger stuff
than I welcomed You
to wave.

~2005 (ish)

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