Tuesday, September 3, 2013

RTW Trip - Insider Information Trumps Halong Bay

Looks like insider information is going to trump my google dreams...

My girlfriend Laura has a friend from high school (they were the first boy and girlfriend of the same girl!) who lives in Vietnam. We finally connected, and he tells me that Halong Bay has become infested with tourists and grime. I'm so disappointed it sort of hurts.

On the other hand, he loves Hanoi, as tough and gritty a city as it is, so I think I'll still land there. Sapa and Mau Chai are other destinations he mentioned. Chris is also considering more ideas as he sips his coffee and eats his oatmeal cookie.  When I wake up in the morning, I hope to have a new email with some fresh ideas.

I don't know who reads these entries - 100 people did today. I'm wondering if any of you care to comment on Vietnam!? Thailand!? Burma/Myanmar!? Taiwan!?

Happy journeys...


  1. Thailand... Chaing Mai is my wishful destination

    1. Yes, several people have mentioned Chaing Mai - I'll be looking into it...